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QuickVal Research Reports

We do Interim and Final full FCF valuations for each company on our universe as they report, we carry out full FCF valuations, both interims and finals, for each company on our universe.  This also includes management’s trading updates. Each report is emailed to our client base and is accessible at any time via our website.



•Access to EasyVal, our easy-to-use web-based free cash flow valuation programme
•An EasyVal company valuation which is a 3 page report containing our intrinsic value of all companies on our universe with accompanying discounted free cash flow valuation, 5-year forecast income statement and balance sheet, and ratio analysis and statistics
ValueKwik clients will have access to the QuickVal interface which allows the information to be uploaded into EasyVal from which inputs (forecasts) can be manipulated to suit the user’s projections, for example, adjusting margins, coupled with higher working capital needs or fixed asset growth, to obtain higher HEPS growth and the concomitant impact on the valuation.

Our dynamic synthesizer function allows the DCF valuation, income statement, balance sheet, or any statistic for that matter, to be reverse engineered and manipulated from any angle, be it on an accounting or free cash flow basis. For instance, the value drivers for any share price can be imputed, or the required margin for a particular HEPS number can be calculated and any other income statement or balance sheet line. The permutations are numerous.
• Completed valuations can be emailed to the user as a three page PDF report.



Bespoke daily, weekly and monthly reports we have either developed or clients have requested, highlighting specific financial information for easier analysis.
Ranking Tool: a spreadsheet covering our universe of companies that supplies a host of information on each company, from our 12 months forecast return, company gearing to forward consensus figures. The report also allows you to Rank information by column.

Stock Picks & Unweighted Market Index: a daily spreadsheet listing our unweighted universe of price to free cash flow. The report identifies daily ‘BUYS’ and ‘SELLS’ by using our 3 Tier valuation indicators which includes our Intrinsic FCF valuation, our 6 Factor conviction level and price and market momentum indicators ( Bollinger Bands & RSI).

Free cash flow & cash conversion vs PE ratio analysis: a spreadsheet that averages and lists our universes’ historical FCFs, PEs, Cash Conversion ratios, NOPATs etc.. Our figures are all actual figures. In the market you may find low cash conv. ratios with high PE’s and high cash conv. ratios with low PE’s, that is what this ranking tool points out, the actuals, however in an efficient market it would be the opposite (high cash conv. ratios with high PE’s and low cash conv. ratios with low PE’s)

Compendium: a weekly round up of our universe, supplying information such as our latest valuations, share prices, LTD’s, sector returns, graphs, etc.

Absolute and Relative Graphs: scatter diagram graphs displaying stocks according to overbought/oversold vs our 12 month forecast return
•Any requests for personalized spreadsheets or reports are welcome – we have, over the years, developed many reports tailor-made for clients according to their specifications and information needs
•Consultation with ValueKwik’s free cash flow specialists and business analysts

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