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EasyVal is an easy-to-use web-based free cash flow valuation programme that determines the intrinsic value of a company based on a user’s specific expectations of a company’s outlook and potential and produces a comprehensive professional report. The report contains: the intrinsic value of the business with accompanying discounted free cash flow valuation, 5-year forecast income statement and balance sheet, and ratio analysis and statistics. EasyVal is a tool aimed not only at institutional equity analysts and fund managers, but also corporate financiers, business owners, accountants and other financial professionals.

The system requires relatively simple inputs that will be understood by anybody with a moderate amount of accounting experience. EasyVal is an exceptionally flexible tool, without being Byzantine, and allows for both “101” accounting type mentality as well as more complex financial modelling requirements. Most companies can be applied, without difficulty, to EasyVal’s web platform for a comprehensive valuation and evaluation.

This ”hands-on” tool incorporates QuickVal’s intelligence and allows an interface with QuickVal data and forecasts for a base valuation. For instance, the QuickVal information for a company can be uploaded into EasyVal and the inputs manipulated to suit the users projections i.e. change margins to obtain higher HEPS growth and a concomitant impact on the valuation.

EasyVal is at a nascent stage of its life cycle and we believe the potential for this product is enormous because of the large potential client base, easy-to-use nature of the product, and the constant need for valuations of high calibre with a comprehensive professional output.

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