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Value-Kwik is an equity research boutique that specialises in the creation and application of free cash flow (FCF) valuation programs for both listed and unlisted companies. The Value-Kwik team consists of FCF specialists and business analysts that offer clients consistent, objective and independent FCF research. The company essentially has two products offerings in this regard, namely, QuickVal and EasyVal.

The flagship product of Value-Kwik is an innovative free cash flow valuation called QuickVal which objectively determines the intrinsic value of listed companies. Essentially QuickVal is a fundamental, closed, systemised, quantitative valuation program that calculates the “key value drivers” for an entity based on an extrapolation of historical trends. The intrinsic value of an entity is determined through free cash flow principles by applying the projected “key value drivers” to a discounted free cash flow valuation framework.

EasyVal is an easy-to-use web-based free cash flow valuation programme that determines the intrinsic value of a company based on a user’s specific expectations of a company’s outlook and potential and produces a comprehensive professional report. The report contains: the intrinsic value of the business with accompanying discounted free cash flow valuation, 5-year forecast income statement and balance sheet, and ratio analysis and statistics. EasyVal is a tool aimed not only at institutional equity analysts and fund managers, but also corporate financiers, business owners, accountants and other financial professionals

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